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Marie Curie Launch End of Life Resource

Marie Curie has launched a new free online resource for health and social care professionals who don't have expertise in in palliative and end of life care.

The new Marie Curie Palliative Care Knowledge Zone aims to give health and social care staff the confidence to talk openly with their patients to provide the best possible care in accordance with their individual needs and wishes.

It covers key aspects of end of life care, including managing and alleviating symptoms, providing care for people with specific conditions. It also includes links to existing resources and signposts to other relevant organisations.

Evidence suggests that some care professionals feel uncomfortable about talking about the dying process - this can be a barrier to providing the best care possible.

Tracey Buckley, Marie Curie's Palliative Care Knowledge Zone project lead and former Clinical Nurse Manager at Marie Curie, said: 'We developed the Knowledge Zone with busy frontline professionals in mind. We've made sure that staff can access the right information as quickly as possible to support them in their caring role.'

Professor Bill Noble, one of the expert contributors and Executive Medical Director at Marie Curie, said: 'We know that many professionals do not feel that they have received significant training on the care of people with a terminal illness and are not always aware of what resources are available to assist them.'

To visit Marie Curie Palliative Care Knowledge Zone and get the information and support you need, please click here.

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