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Jobeda Ali speaks on BBC 5 Breakfast Show

Our CEO, Jobeda Ali, was interviewed this morning on the BBC five live breakfast show about funding in the care sector. Details of how councils in England will be able to raise hundreds of millions of pounds to spend on social care in the next two years are to be outlined today.

Jobeda was asked whether having more money would affect the care industry.

‘I think we are in a capacity crisis so not really,’ Jobeda responded. ‘It will just allow us to do more of what we already do. It's not enough to change the care infrastructure but with the ageing population we need to make sure we are serving the numbers.’

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid is expected to confirm in today’s local government funding settlement that the annual council tax care precept will no longer be limited to 2% but will rise to either 3% in each of the next two years or be increased to 4% next year. A 1% increase would raise an estimated £200m.

Jobeda was asked whether this extra funding would help Three Sisters Care to provide better services.

‘I think that’s unlikely,' Jobeda responded. 'It might increase the amount of services that we provide, but firstly, it’s not going to be enough money. One of the problems we have in care is quality and I’m not sure that this is going to help towards quality because we’re already in dire straits in terms of our capacity and that’s the main problem. The positive that’s come out of this, and I do think the positive outweighs the negative, is that for the first time money is actually coming in.’

The presenter, Nicky Campbell, also asked Jobeda to weigh in on the argument that if they put more money in it would ease the pressure on the NHS. Jobeda replied:

‘Yes, it would, but don’t forget we have a problem with the social care infrastructure in this country so that will need to be solved first, for example in terms of hospital discharges. In my company, Three Sisters Care, we do a lot of jobs that have been given to us by the hospital, and what actually happens is that people with moderate needs are not being served.

‘There are three tiers of need – low need, moderate need and severe need. Ten years ago, we would serve people with moderate and severe need but with all the cuts, people with moderate needs don’t get served. ‘What happens sometimes is although the hospital is discharging them to go home, the council is assessing them to see what package they’re going to put in place, and the council has decided that the person is not in the high need category, and that’s why someone who could go home and get one visit a day won’t be sent home because no one is going to come at all.’

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