• By Sinéad Nolan

Helping Survivors of Domestic Violence in London

Three Sisters Care are passionate about social issues, especially regarding the women in the community of Tower Hamlets and East London. That is why last week our CEO Rahena went for a meeting with Sophie Linden, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime Commissioning. The deputy was meeting with survivors of domestic abuse, as well as people who work in the community. The aim of the meeting was to hear about their views on what the Mayor Office for Police and Crime should be focusing on to improve victims and survivor’s experiences. It was done in association with East London Rape Crisis and Nia, which is affiliated to Rape Crisis (England and Wales). Nia has been delivering services for women, girls and children who have experienced sexual and domestic violence - it is completely independent of the government and the criminal justice system. Rahena said of the event: ‘Here in Three Sisters I want to help women who have never worked and encourage women to come back to work. We train them and everything, but still they often have so many issues.

‘Working is good for their health and good for them socially. These kinds of events are good for highlighting these kinds of issues. So many surprising people turn up to them which shows that domestic violence and rape can happen to anyone. Nia and East London Rape Crisis are brilliant because they help people in so many ways – they make all of these services free for the people who attend.’

For more information please go to http://www.rapecrisislondon.org or


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