How can I pay for Three Sisters Care's care and support services?

Our Personal Care service starts at £16.00 per hour* - that is the standard rate that applies between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Outside these hours, the cost is slightly more.


Our minimum visit is 2 hours, if you require only one visit a day. We do 1 hour visits only for services of two or more visits a day.  We can do one hour visits 7 days a week in exceptional circumstances, please call us to discuss.


Many of our customers have their own Direct Payment from their Council to pay for their care and support. We accept Direct Payments or you can pay for your care service youself (private). Three Sisters Care staff will work with you to work out which method of payment will suit you best.


See below for an explanation of how to find out if you qualify for financial support.

What are Direct Payments?

A Direct Payment is money from the Council or Health Services to help you pay for your assessed social care, health care or other support needs. Direct Payments are a way of getting social care that lets you choose the service and provider you want, rather then having to use Council services or a provider the Council chooses. Sometimes you are given the cash directly so you can pay the provider, sometimes the Council will pay the provider. We will work with you (and your family if you wish) to work out the best way for you.

This is all about Personalisation in care, which we are big supporters of. Personalisation in care is part of the social care reform that began in December 2007, and its principle is that people should be entitled “to live their own lives as they wish, confident that services are of high quality, are safe and promote their own individual needs for independence, well-being and dignity”.

How can I claim a Direct Payment?

Each council has different procedures for accessing direct payments. Below are links to the Direct Payment web page from most of the London Councils to help you work out how you claim from your own council.



Barking & Dagenham






















Hammersmith & Fulham












Kensington and Chelsea (pdf)









Richmond Upon Thames



Tower Hamlets




Weltham Forest



Can you help me to claim a Direct Payment?

Yes, we can put you in touch with the right department at your own council, who will assess you to determine what level of care or support you need. After the Council has agreed that you are eligible for a Direct Payment, we can work with you to help manage your payments. Please note that Direct Payments are means-tested and not everyone will be eligible to receive this payment. Sometimes an amount towards care costs is already included in Disability Living Allowance, PIP or Attendance Allowance.

*​​​​​​Our Care Workers are paid the UK Living Wage, not the minimum wage, which most agencies pay their workers. Our more experienced workers earn London Living Wage or more. We cannot pay London Living Wage to all our workers yet, because we are a small agency, but you can add an extra £1.85 to your hourly rate if you would prefer your Care Worker to be paid the London Living Wage. (This includes the additional National Insurance contributions.)

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