Becoming a Carer

No matter what people say, working in care can be a stressful and full of challenges. However, if you’re a caring person, helping someone to maintain their independence and dignity can be life changing to both you and the person you are caring for. So how do you become a carer? Here are some things to consider when moving toward your chosen career. Understanding What is Expected Being a carer is a job like any other. Every job comes with stressors, less-than-savoury aspects and downsides. Whether it is dealing with angry customers in retail, taking out the bins in the food industry, or dealing with employee relations as a manager. Occasional myths about care can be that it involves bringi

Recruiting a Carer

Finding a career that you enjoy can be a difficult process for jobseekers of today. Not only do you have to worry whether the industry you are moving into is oversubscribed (after all, no one wants to waste money and time on education that takes them nowhere) but you also have to consider your aptitude and abilities. Similarly, recruiting people who fit the roles we have here at Three Sisters Care can be just as difficult. We look for people who are flexible, compassionate, punctual, reliable and good at communicating; people who are willing to help with a client’s personal care (bathing and toileting). You’d be surprised how many people do not fit the bill! With this in mind, the Care Ma

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