Tips to help you care with someone with dementia from home

Dementia is a growing concern for our society: recent data from Alzheimer’s Research predicts that one in three people born today will develop dementia. In terms of care, a very high percentage (97% - One Poll, 2014) of all elderly people say they do not want to leave their own homes to receive care. In the case of dementia, the continued familiarity of home can be of comfort and help people to stay independent for longer. So how can you help someone with Dementia if they are living at home? We look at some tips. Engage Creatively While dementia affects many functions of the brain, the imagination stays strong for many years after its onset. This means music and art can still prove a rewardi

Planning for your Future Care

It is never too soon to think about planning for your own or a loved one’s care. As the population ages, one in four of us will require support in old age. We look at the ways you can plan practically and financially to ensure you have a more comfortable and stress free future. Have ‘the difficult chat’ Avoiding difficult conversations might seem easier at the time, but the unfinished business and complications that can come in their place can often be much worse than facing up to the difficult reality at the time. Concerns, values, spiritual beliefs or views about what makes life worth living are important issues to consider when developing a care plan. Not having these conversations can le

How to Get a Care Certificate

Starting a new role or job can be a daunting prospect. At Three Sisters Care we understand that this fear can increase when you have never worked or have been out of work for some time. Getting back into work can often require certain qualifications. New guidelines from the Care Quality Commission since 2015 stipulate that all healthcare workers must have the Care Certificate or an equivalent qualification to be able to work in the UK with vulnerable adults. What is the Care Certificate? The Care Certificate covers the learning outcomes, competencies and standards of behaviour that is expected of support workers in the health and social care sectors. Some of standards covered in the Care Ce

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