Forward Ladies Women in Business Awards 2015

Congratulations team! Three Sisters Care won the Forward Ladies Women in Business Awards 2015 in the best social enterprise category. Three awards means we are definitely allowed to have an Awards Shelf now. Thanks to all our amazing care staff for their dedication in making Three Sisters Care stand out from the crowd. #forwardladies #nationalwomeninbusinessawards2015 #threesisterscare #careawards #londoncare #womeninbusiness #socialenterprise

Care workers are not glorified cleaners

At the risk of getting stuck in a solipsistic loop, I wanted to share my publication on the Guardian blog on the implications of social enterprise principles in the care sector. So you are free to blog about a blog about a blog, but for my part I’ll leave it at that and at least it’s recorded here for posterity. Let’s hope that it’s the first of many invitations to write by the Guardian and others – I would love nothing more than to see ethical business in the care sector become the norm. #carework #socialenterprise #jobedaali #caresector #implicationsofsocialenterpriseonthecaresect #guardiannewspaper #livingwage

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